If you unnecessarily decide to wash the little critter too often, it can take a toll on its physical and mental health. Is it ok to wash them? If you must bathe your guinea pig, make sure you do not do it more than once a month. To do this, just gently wipe the area that is dirty. I just got my guinea pig and it really smells so after it gets used the habitat and me I want to give it a bath. Thoroughly rinse the soap or shampoo; Towel dry Guinea pigs; Ensure to place a pet is a nice and warm place so that he/she is dry completely. ), the length of fur, and the number of times you clean them. Cleaning your guinea pig is a process of proper grooming. Giving your guinea pig, multiple baths will almost certainly stress it out and take a toll on its skin. The length of the water should reach at least the guinea pig's belly. We have an alternative remedy that can be made using materials that are already available in your home. This is because you need to wash the guinea pig and keep it sterile to get rid of the infection and to prevent it from spreading. If your guinea pig is very dirty, you will want to use some kind of shampoo on it. It can only be used if he is not overtly filthy; it is only used on a few parts with patches of dirt. Answered in 7 minutes by: 12/25/2006. Sometimes you can even leave them to groom themselves for their entire lifetime. In many cases, you don’t even have to bathe them even once in their lifetime since guinea pigs are generally clean creatures. I have only washed them with guinea pig soap once, and that was the first time I got them just to get the smell of being in a too small cage out of them. If your guinea pig is too small, then naturally they will need a shorter bathtub. If your guinea pig isn't drinking the water, check the bottle is actually dispensing the water properly. Is it ok to pop my fleece in the washer? Hi Sasha, Sorry for your loss! You will have to give it multiple baths over the course of a few weeks till you are sure that the infestation has ended. 10 Best Parrot Food Reviews and Buying Guide 2020. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwKfeEUCG-k), 13 Ways to Get Your Guinea Pig to Stop Biting You. This is also especially true if you live in an area that is cold most of the year. Make sure the water temperature is just right which is the same temperature as a baby's bathwater. You know your guinea pigs, and you know their lifestyle so ultimately you can make the right decision if you educate yourself enough. If something gets on there, take a wash rag and wipe it down. To be very frank, you should not be presented with the need to bathe your guinea pig for the entirety of its life except for on special occasions or for medical reasons. Wrap them up in a clean towel. Use one bowl to shampoo the guinea pig and the other to wash it off. Satisfied Customers: 734. Choco Nose H128 No Drip Guinea Pigs Water Bottle Best Small Animals Wire Cage Dispenser Waterer U.S Patent Leak-Proof Nozzle Pets Crate Drinker Bunny Rabbits Ferrets Hamsters Critters BPA-Free 11.2oz. There may still be other times when bathing the guinea pig might seem like a good idea. I bought that product because my piggie is white and if I have to wash him more often I don't want his skin irritated at all. It is also a good idea to wash your pet’s water and food receptacles at this time. The recipe is as follows; Add one-fourth of a cup of apple cider vinegar, one-fourth of liquid detergent, and half a cup of water. You will need to use a special flea and tick shampoo, preferably the kind that is only for small animals. Once a week, wash the bedding in a washing machine on high heat. How often should I bathe my guinea pig? Always bathe your guinea pigs with lukewarm water so that they do not get shocked by the temperature difference. For example, long hair cavies are much more susceptible to collecting dirt and particles in their coats than short hair breeds. Do not go over the neck just yet. Pet Specialist: Don, owner replied 13 years ago. Yes, do not be alarmed with this occurrence. Guinea pigs do not like to swim. However, you might find that your vet recommends a bath in case of an infection or other such conditions. If you are breeding show guinea pigs then, by all means, you should give them baths at their scheduled times. Why should I give my guinea pig a wash? Don, owner. Afterwords, they get to snuggle in a warm towel (I literally put the towel in a towel warmer) and get to eat a piece of pepper! Nor do you need to replace the bedding inside the cage. Ask Your Own Pet Question. Use a very small amount of the shampoo and don't put it near his face. Gently pour warm water on the guinea pig's back, or use slow-flowing, warm water from the faucet. It is an essential part of their diet and without it they will quickly become dehydrated and ill. My Guinea Pig Isn't Drinking Any Water. 3. Remove the traces of shampoo by scooping out clean water and gently pour it on your guinea pig. Cavies are mammals and all mammals needs fresh water every day for their water balance. Soft and safe bedding. Again the key is to avoid the face portion. Female guinea pigs I have to say aren’t as messy as boys, therefore you maybe lucky to only have to change their cage fleeces every 3-4 days. Is it ok to wash guinea pigs? How to Clean Guinea Pig Cages with Fleece or Other Fabrics. How Long Can Guinea Pigs Go Without Water. Of course, we do not recommend that you do that at all! For those with long legs, a taller one can prevent them from running off while in the middle of the session. (Note: don't wash them in deep water for their own safety though!) Water is vital for life. How to clean a guinea pig without shampoo is the question that may seem tricky. Michelle.pawz. After this, rinse them in the water before actually bathing him. When, Where, and for How Long Do Hedgehogs Sleep? A Beginners Guide. It is important to remove all residue, so an irritation does not occur. Other than that, you will need to do follow-up checkups as often as possible to make sure you got rid of the threat entirely. Always check if your guinea pig is at the best of its health by inspecting it once a week or so. In fact, even a simple cold or flu could prove to be fatal if you bathe the guinea pig at this time. Because guinea pigs are so clean on their own, it is not recommended that you put extra stress on their bodies by bathing them often. Jun 8, 2010 #2 Maybe. In fact, research has shown that swimming puts a lot of stress on a guinea pig’s body and hey can become depressed and stressed out afterward as well. 7 Best Cat Litter Mats + DIY Cat Mat Tutorial. If … Luckily, here are the steps that can guide you while attempting to bath your pet’s little fur of happiness; It can be terrifying for them to be placed in a bowl filled with water, which is why it is best to calm them first so that they won't feel anxious. How To Make A Fleece Bedding For A Guinea Pig? You can bathe your little pet even without shampoo. People usually call me by the nickname “Joy” because they think that I am …keep reading, Fluffyplanet.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com We do not provide veterinary suggestions. How often do you have to bathe a guinea pig? Also, do not bathe your guinea pig if it primarily remains outdoors. So keep that in mind whenever you consider the hygienic status of your guinea pigs. In fact, remember to check for lethargy, breathing issues, and any other health condition first as well. When you get used to this procedure, you can bathe them anywhere you please. Never let the level of water in the bowl reach above the piggy’s chin. No skimping on plentiful grass hay, fresh water, and vitamin C. The guinea pig diet is mainly hay; we’re talking about 80% hay. Naturally, this means that long hair guinea pigs often demand baths more frequently than short hair variety. It is also a great way to bond with the little animal. You’ve probably noticed that your cavy makes a big mess when it eats, and the same can be true when they drink. To stop this, allow them to dry completely. By shampooing your guinea pig you can also help to prevent skin and parasite problems. Such factors include the purpose (eradicate ticks/simple baths/etc. You want your guinea pig to feel comfortable in the water. Save more with Subscribe & Save. They are great swimmers surprisingly. Clean water; Just like food, having 24/7 access to water is important to make the guinea pig feel at home. Beginners Guide. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Keep in mind that it is needed to restore the water after using the shampoo. A towel is needed to dry their fur. Thoroughly wet all of your pet except for its face, which it can wash itself. Do not use human hair shampoo, as it tends to irritate their eyes and skin due to chemicals not suitable for them. Please help In fact, guinea pigs like to remain at their physical best at any given time. 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,778. So keep in mind that in these cases, prevention is definitely better than the cure. Now once your guinea pig gets adjusted and is calm, you can pour some water on your guinea pig. Submitted: 13 years ago. Avoid cold water. You can gently lather water from the tub/ sink onto his back and massage around the shampoo. For example, both long and short hair cavies need to be brushed, long hair more than short hair. Keep a piece of cloth or bath math near the bowl to keep the guinea pig from slipping and hurting itself. After bath time is over, keep your guinea pig indoors where it is warm and dry. How Long Can A Guinea Pig Survive Without Water? Do not apply too much; just massage it on the grease gland with little water involved. Guinea pigs should not often bathe, for it may give rise to skin infections or have them catch a cold. It is a good idea to consult your vet before you use any kind of chemicals on your guinea pig. I was wondering if there are any special precautions and steps. Most guinea pigs don't like water and panic in it but occasionally you'll get the odd one who loves it. You should be attentive in cleaning it, as leaving it too dirty can cause infections. So make sure you don’t bathe your long hair guinea pig more than three to four times a year unless it is absolutely necessary. Fleece bedding can be much easier and less messy than other kinds of bedding for a guinea pig cage. Let it sit overnight before using. Even though guinea pigs can brush themselves and they do a pretty spectacular job with it, you can chip in as well since they actually enjoy the brushing process. Though, in choosing the right one, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. Make sure that it is not emitting high heat that can damage the little one in any way. If so what kind can I use? Cavies will naturally groom themselves. Good news though, because there are lots of things your guinea pig can eat instead of cherries. Wrap your pet in a towel. Do not use the same shampoo on your guinea pigs that you do on dogs and cats. Each day, remove any obvious dirt and debris from the bedding. Remove the surface dirt as much as possible before placing them into the water. It is always a good idea to consult your vet regarding the products that you will use on the little critter. Also, use a soft towel to gently blot the moisture in their fur. This video explains how to give guinea pig a bath: One thing everyone needs to know about guinea pigs is that they are naturally very clean creatures. Verdicts: Bathing is quite stressful for guinea pigs. Reply. Now, we did mention previously that bathing your guinea pig during an illness is not recommended. Gently dry off the guinea pig with a soft towel before letting it run free. Other than that, make sure you inspect your guinea pig for any skin conditions as well. In this case, a cloth with fiber can be used, such as a face towel or a regular towel. In this article, we will be discussing different reasons why you should or should not bathe your little guinea pig. Now you can take a few drops of shampoo and lather it in your hands and apply it to your guinea pigs. You can use a blow dryer on your guinea pig. For regular shampoo, Guinea pig shampoo or Jhonson’s small animal shampoo is used. Bowls collect bacteria more quickly than water bottles and they do not have lids. And bath time is only one of the necessities for show pigs. Guinea pigs only require bathing when necessary. © 2020 FluffyPlanet, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMLdNv_2Rhg, When to Bathe Your Guinea Pigs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMLdNv_2Rhg), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwKfeEUCG-k, The Easy Way to Give a Guinea Pig a Bath! Make sure it isn’t too hot or too cold for the little animal. You can wet his belly and the parts that may seem dirty, and wash the dirt off his body. Guinea pigs should not often bathe, for it may give rise to skin infections or have them catch a cold. if you leave shampoo it can cause it create dry skin and you will have a sad and in pain guinea pig 5.Dry it first put the towel on you then pick up the guinea and towel dry or use the blow dryer to help not fully dry it with it you will have a very hot piggy Go ahead and brush your guinea pig’s coat at least once a week. They hardly drink any (if any at all) and it's only just occurred to me that it could be because of the taste (?). Do not spray your guinea pigs with water, use washing bowls for their bath time. For the most part, guinea pigs are naturals at grooming themselves. Expect to give these to your guinea pig once a day, using a syringe. You need to trim and groom their hair and also look after other body parts like nails, teeth, feet, eyes, and ears. Worry no more! Hard surfaces may make the guinea pig feel vulnerable. On an average, though, you should only bathe your guinea pigs about twice a year. Use water that is of an appropriate temperature, do not use any harsh chemicals on the piggy, etc. Your guinea pig being unusually irritable. Never get shampoo or water into the ears and eyes of Guinea pigs. If the first towel appears to be too damp, consider applying a new towel to speed up the drying process. So, try to make sure you check the little one’s breathing and activity level before taking this step. These harsh chemicals can irritate their skin and may develop dermatological conditions in them. And how often? Is There an App to Check If a Pet’s Chipped? NEVER wash their heads. Generally speaking, guinea pigs are very efficient at keeping themselves clean and well-groomed.. Keeping this in mind, you don’t really need to give your guinea pig a bath at all. Do not spray your guinea pigs with water, use washing bowls for their bath time. Share this conversation. Then, brush their fur to prevent tangles. Essentially you should use your better judgment. This response is more of a survival instinct that prevents them from drowning rather than be something they actively enjoy. You can also give the little piggy a bath if it smells very bad. You can also use a sink. So, should you bathe your guinea pig? Make sure you use a special shampoo for small animals only. Pippa Mattinson May 24, 2018 at 7:35 pm. Just rinse off his fur. Fresh and clean water has to be provided permanently if you are keeping Guinea Pigs. Only use products that are approved by your vet for use on the guinea pig. What can I use instead of commercially prepared wet cat food? If they are too energetic, consider placing them on a small container or box, and carry it to the bathing area. If you give them a bath during cold or otherwise compromising weather, they can get sick. While they technically can drink out of a bowl, it is not the best solution. Keep a shampoo for small animals at hand, along with two washing bowls, a small makeshift bath mat, and a soft towel to dry them off. Neutering A Guinea Pig: A Beginners Guide. Now take your cup and pour over your guinea pig gently and close to the body. Now it is time to add the main ingredients for your guinea pig shampoo. Experience: multiple pet experience,I work to meet your needs. How do wash a guinea pigs? Guinea pigs prefer to be groomed rather than bathed. Also, wash them one at a time so that they do not accidentally hurt each other. Guinea pigs are small and much more fragile than larger animals, so keep in mind to not use any harsh chemicals on their fur and bodies. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. My rabbits only drink bottled water. You could alternatively use small pieces of simple fleece which won’t be as absorbent but will help make the liners last that little bit longer before they need washing. Even the smallest amount of carelessness and neglect can strip them of their prestige as show guinea pigs. Keep in mind that there are times when it is necessary to bathe the little guinea pig.

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