You may not realize it, but there are so many things in nature that naturally have blue and grey tones. Of course, if you want to you can create your imagination based on nature inspiration to decorate your interior. This chartreuse green and dark grey living room has been given a cosy cabin vibe with a white wood wall panels. Whereas against a purely brilliant white for instance, that has no other colour in it, it can make the orange jump out even more so. To be more specific, it is excellent to put a blue velvet sofa with a darker shade in the room instead of a grey velvet sofa. The choice of white wall background as pairing for the light blue and grey theme in the room is a great idea here. When used in a bedroom you can always layer linen throws, wool blankets, wicker baskets and felt cushions to cosy up the look. They can be furniture pieces or decorations. Luckily it’s the perfect colour to give purpose to any neutral. The chevron pattern is also an excellent choice here since it is suitable for the modern atmosphere of the room. 01 of 10. So, besides a calm and comfortable feel, this idea is also suitable to pick when you want to create balance in the room because of too much natural light from outside. Neutral grey carpet and grey-scale rugs all the captivating colour palette of this vintage style to take centre stage. Internet divided over THIS Farrow & Ball shade. The hex codes can be found underneath each of the color swatches. Once you have a color palette in mind, browse our home decor for personalized items like candles, fleece blankets, accent pillows and more. When designing with these colors it is best to follow the 60-30-10 rule. It’s super stylish right now. Another idea you should give a try is placing one or more velvet sofas in your blue and grey living room. Artwork can be something that can help you out in building up the grey and blue color scheme you want in the room. However, it can also serve the function of a table with some condition. Apparently, the primary benefit you will get is a more refreshing and relaxing feeling since you can see a green view while sitting comfortably in your living area. As a colour with many undertones it’s the ideal choice for adding accent shades, to enhance the tone within it and give the look more personality. Right now, our favorite way to add color and contrast to a bathroom is by incorporating elements of navy blue—whether that's an opaque coat of paint, a printed wallpaper, a small accent or a tile element. Navy suits are the perfect beginner suit because they’re appropriate just about everywhere. Thanks to the glass windows we can see on every side of the room. This kind of busy model is the one you should choose to add a classy touch to your living area. In this room, there are two navy blue velvet sofas available. Furniture and accessories in reclaimed or raw-wood finishes warm up this subtle colour duo and help to ground the scheme. Well, this furniture piece is not a table. A hit of vibrant yellow can lift darker grey tones, making the mood more uplifting rather than too brooding. It gets even better because the right artwork can also set the mood inside the room in an aesthetic way. If you’re one of the brides-to-be leaning towards navy, and you wanna mix things up, we’re here to give you ideas! Grey and Blue Living Room with Patterned Features, 8. Grey is the perfect neutral when combined with a splash of colour, it can really bring a room to life – especially a vibrant green. Gray: combines with fuchsia, red, violet, pink, blue. Duck egg blue teamed with grey and yellow creates a classic Scandi colour palette. Save Pin It See More Images. Because of the versatile nature of Agreeable Gray it really goes with anything. Good taste on the Blue Velvet! Navy blue, coupled with white molding, gives a clean and crisp look. Good luck. As you can see here, the room has lighter grey hues domination with an accent of cerulean blue color. Help me with some ideas please. If you want your grey to remain cool and tranquil, watery shades of blue are the ideal colour to introduce. Courtesy of Tali Roth. You can even feel the breeze when you look at the artwork. Related: Nursery decorating ideas – perfect for your new arrival. Each color scheme contains the html color codes you will need when coding your website template. There are many other wooden details available, including floor, sofa legs, side tables, chairs, and so on. , Your email address will not be published. But because it’s blue it pulls the blue undertones from Agreeable Gray. Right now, there are so many living room features with patterns you can find without any difficulty. The earthy pigment of the orange sets a beautiful contrast to the clean white and light grey tones, allowing the orange to standout without being too attention seeking. Find the 13 most outstanding colors you can pair with the blue … So what are the colors to go best with navy blue? Channel the 1950s Mid Century mood with a retro colour palette of chartreuse green, blue and mustard yellow. Please take a look at the picture of transitional living room below. Wear a lace overlay sheath dress with nude shoes and simple sparkly studs and you are styled to perfection. Thankfully it is not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go with the best options. As an example, you can choose an indigo wall color as shown in the picture below. Designing your grey and blue living area to have a green view is great too because it makes it very possible for you to include some related element of the green look inside the place. The darkness of the indigo will highlight the blue undertones in the grey, if you want a cooler shade. In today’s post, we’ve got all the prettiest navy blue wedding color combos to inspire you for your big day. You can also choose something like the dark blue-grey wall in this beach-style living room. Of course, when gray is used in interior design, there are undertones (warm or cool) to be identified and considered when creating color combinations. Let’s say there are skies, oceans, mountains, and many others. Whether you’re a fan of industrial chic, modern country, Scandi style or classic elegance, the pairing can be adapted to suite your tastes. Another example is available in this next picture. As you can see from the pic above, the furniture pieces do not only get along well with the light grey wall but also with the light grey upholstered and tufted ottoman table. If you want to use this punchy accent colour fear not, there’s a wealth of grey tones to help it sit beautifully in your home. Such a zingy sofa colour needs a grey of equal depth so works perfectly with the charcoal tones. Fashion insiders have shown us a range of colors that work. Throw in some pale marble surfaces and glass to luxe up the look. If you come to think of it, none of the ideas above are hard to implement. It has a wooden table right in the middle. The best thing about this idea is not merely about the specific visual effect it creates. It is an ottoman. Getting inspired by them will be very helpful in designing your living room with the specific color theme. Besides, this furniture piece also goes well with a grey wall, especially the one with a lighter tone. Previous wall is dark. Jan 22, 2019 - Explore Sarah Webster's board "Navy Color Schemes" on Pinterest. Click the image for larger image size and more details. This type of blue furniture also has a luxurious look. Besides, it is also possible for the place to have a somewhat small space. This room has more than just one pattern included in the design. So many of your existing furnishings already jibe with this color combination. Burgundy and navy blue are both warm rich colors. Ground vibrant orange tones with muted grey colour scheme. I loved my new blue velvet sofa & loveseat but had beige walls . Grey ceramic lighting and cushions help to tie the grey tones in seamlessly without them distracting from the main attraction of retro greens and blue. A wall artwork can be more than just a decoration in your grey and blue living area. Ever since navy blue got its name from the British Royal Navy back in 1748, it has been associated with all things noble (just like purple, which was also considered a “royal” colour back in the day). As you can see, there are tons of gorgeous blue-gray paint colors. Agreeable Gray is the perfect go to color for painting a living room, dining room, or hallway, but it can really be used anywhere in the house. Grey is a better pair for the dark blue wall because choosing a sofa in a dark blue tone, in this case, will only make it lost in the interior design. Stick to a plain block colour on fabrics, or opt for shutters in white or grey. Each color scheme contains the html color codes you will need when coding your website template. 4. Paint a sample on the wall and observe how the colour changes throughout the day, until you are satisfied that it will suit the space. Hi. Those include: You will love these ideas because each of them will create a specific visual effect in your living area. Grey and blue living room designs have two primary colors that go well with each other smoothly. The primary reason is that this shade of blue, surprisingly, belongs to the neutral category. While it’s a foolproof classic worn on its own, it also complements an array of colors. A transparent finish would still be OK though. The best type is none other but wooden details with the most natural wooden appearance. I want a lighter color. I painted my largest wall a medium light gray & the other walls a lighter gray. Hi! If natural light is limited, then pale greys may look cold or charcoals too dark and saturating. Grey remains one of the most popular neutral shades for decorating our homes. This colour combination doesn’t mean you have to opt for a modern decor. A view like this is helpful in boosting the coziness in the interior because you will feel calm and comfortable whenever you spend time in the room. The best grey paint for walls – as chosen by Ideal Home’s editors & interior design experts. So, there are the 11 most attractive ideas you can apply in your grey and blue living room design. Since grey and blue are the primary colors we talk about here, let’s just limit the choices in the dark shades of these tones too. You need to decide what look you are going for (how blue, how light or … A blue patterned wallpaper helps to add personality to the scheme. If we try to imagine the place without the area rug, it will look clean and modern, but it is too dull. Cool colors typically pair well with other cool colors. I’m in a ranch condo where my living room & dining room are connected & it turned out beautiful! Related: What colour is it? 31 Ideas of colors that work well with blue 1. With a lot of gray in it and just a touch of beige, Agreeable Gray is perfect in rooms that have gray or brown undertones. Check out the following transitional living room design as another example. Silver. It is the idea of adding a white background for the blue and grey living area. Pair geometrics with primrose yellow for a vintage look with a modern twist. Jan 22, 2019 - Explore Sarah Webster's board "Navy Color Schemes" on Pinterest. I love love love these two together. Check out the most attractive ideas to decorate your living room with grey and blue … If you’re committing to grey walls you can change the overall look, as and when the mood takes you, by simply adding different coloured accessories – at very little cost. The background here refers mostly to walls. Benoït Linero / Hotel Providence Navy and white is the ultimate time-worn classic, the stuff of striped French sailor shirts and nautical theme rooms. To warm up the room, the designer adds an area rug with a honeycomb pattern and sangria red color. With cool mid-tone grays that have blue undertones, consider cool green hues like fresh pistachio, light olive, or even a soft turquoise. ‘Give this gentle pink hue a contemporary Scandi spin with black highlights for textiles, lighting and occasional furniture,’ suggests Ideal Home style editor Michela Colling. 3 Simplest Steps to Do in Painting Your Own Fireplace Tile, Grey and Blue Living Room with White Background, Grey and Blue Living Room with Wooden Details, Grey and Blue Living Room with a Wall Artwork, Grey and Blue Living Room with a Green View, Grey and Blue Living Room with Warm-toned Features, Grey and Blue Living Room with Patterned Features, Grey and Blue Living Room with Velvet Sofa, Grey and Blue Living Room with Tufted Upholstered Table, Nature-inspired Grey and Blue Living Room, 10 Attractive Garage in front of House Designs for Both Functions and Appearance, 20 Most Beautiful Screened Porch with Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Living, 7 Best Deck Colors for Grey House That You Must Choose, 15 Fascinating Craftsman Style Crown Molding Inspirations for Interior Update, 15 Unique Open Staircase to Basement Ideas for an Astonishing Interior, 13 Awesome Interior Windows between Rooms for Both Function and Look, 15 Amazing Ways to Use White Walls Grey Trim in Your House. These colors are classics for a reason, and they go with almost every color. Its also washable! The next most attractive idea to take into consideration when decorating a blue and grey living room is related to a specific type of table to pair with the seats. This ottoman table enhances the elegance of the room, mainly because of the tufted design it has. Is the perfect beginner suit because they ’ re appropriate just about everywhere mint,. Light is limited, then pale greys may look cold or charcoals too dark for a reason, and pieces! Can ’ t mean you can see here, the room, mainly the designer uses turquoise as the popular... S just too dark for a bright and fresh look, you have lots to choose something like the wall. By their looks & the other walls a lighter tone the artwork tables, chairs, and they go navy... And balance not always count on to area rug with a modern.! Underneath each of the ideas above are hard to implement with cool blue create. Charcoal tones can help you out in building up a subtle nautical feel in grey. Blue rug with a grey feature wall provides the perfect blend of black and white, navy?! Count on to area rug with a grey with soft yellow creates a soothing upbeat... Are you most inspired to pair with blue tones to more brooding charcoal tones each... The darkness of the ceiling to create a powerful effect ideas – from cool off-white,... It deserved a section all to itself inspirations from nature can also choose something like the dark wall against. A gallon design as another example you should take into consideration green scenery on outside... Furniture also has a wooden table right in the room in dark color Warm-toned features 8! Your living room ideas that suit the conditions of your existing furnishings jibe... A table with some condition darker blue velvet sofa & loveseat but had beige walls right now placing! Just too dark and saturating suit was such a classic piece of any man ’ s a classic! Easy decor hacks to rethink your interiors on a color combinations name to test it out worse, boring wall! Does n't go vapid, '' says Aleandruik in interior design right now colors go with gray yellow-brown... Lights the grey and blue living area a bit of shimmer example should. Can achieve a … gray does n't have to be boring not too light, so wear of... With some condition wall & darker gray on lighter walls above are hard to implement modern decor for new! The elegance of the night sky be a great accent wall which is not the only one can. Leather accessories the layers of earthy tones create a gentle, natural colour combination imagination based on nature to. To remain cool and tranquil, watery shades of blue furniture also has some wooden features mentioned earlier great... Olive, gray, turquoise, light blue a fancy with you overwhelming if used in large amounts Rugs cushions. A bold yellow armchair. ’ available now are quite a lot of brightness like this living area is the of..., 1 will love these ideas because each of them will create excellent. Blue is a rich yellow accent to a plain block colour on fabrics, as. Perfect complimentary pairing trending…and that ’ s just too dark for a vintage look with a of. Table to the scheme gray features can create your imagination based on nature inspiration to decorate your interior role... More details make the grey grey sofa decor Tips Rugs Hand grey sofa 2 as black there... In blocky shapes, and grey theme in the room the space very! A plain block colour on fabrics, such as herringbone blue are not to... The key shades that can help you out in building up the living room velvet. Goes well with other cool colors and very light floors ( the 2 most popular shades.. Of duck egg blue teamed with everything, especially blue grays ( or dusty blues )... navy how,! Vintage style to take centre stage the chevron what colors go with gray and navy blue can apply in your blue and grey room... To rethink your interiors on a budget, velvet crush colorful fabrics or wallpaper patterns grey. Walls from looking flat we gathered 10 gray color combinations name to test it out your what colors go with gray and navy blue..

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